Returning Singers

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Prospective & New Singers

1. Complete the New Singer Form

Tell us a bit about your singer(s), and help us get in contact with you.

2. Pay Audition or Registration Fee

An audition fee is required for singers ages 7 & up. A registration fee is required for singers age 6 and singers returning after a 1-year hiatus. No fee is required for singers ages 4-5.

Both the Audition & Registration Fees are $50 per singer with each additional singer in the same household being $10.

3. Schedule an Audition

Required for singers ages 7 & up*, the assessment is completed by one of our friendly choral directors. No preparation is needed; however, singers interested in auditioning for the Chamber Choir or Teen Ensembles are encouraged to bring a prepared song.

Auditions are scheduled by the office only after completing steps 1 and 2.

*Singers ages 4-5 enter directly into the preschool Rising Notes program and singers age 6 enter into Preparatory Choir-Level A.


After the audition, the choral director will recommend a choir and level. You will be notified by the office shortly after the audition.

To apply for scholarship, please complete the following form and return it to us.

Send completed forms to or
Vivace Youth Chorus
1738 Mirassou Pl
San Jose CA 95124