The Vivace Board of Directors

Donald Foster, President

Donald is a retired programmer and a longtime member of the congregation and choir of Stone Church of Willow Glen, which has supported Vivace from our inception with rehearsal and performing space. An accomplished musician, he also is a pianist and organist and currently sings with San Jose Symphonic Choir. Donald joined the Vivace board in 2014 and brings a perspective from the wider musical community as well as ties to Stone Church, which continues to be an important pillar for the chorus.

Alan Spool, Treasurer

Alan, a PhD chemist, applies his more than 25 years' experience in the disk drive industry to solve problems in disk drive technology using analytical techniques (research, development and manufacturing). He is the husband of Peggy Spool, Artistic Director of Vivace and a co-founder of the organization. When a group of parents joined forces in 2003 to create a children's chorus for San Jose and asked Peggy to be its director, Alan joined the initial board and took on the herculean task of incorporating Vivace and obtaining our 501c(3) non-profit status. Alan continues to be a dedicated and active supporter of Vivace, on and off the board. He currently serves as Treasurer, a role he has held from time to time since the chorus was formed.


Susan is an environmental health and safety professional and the parent of a Vivace singer. She joined the Vivace board in 2014 with the desire to help establish the chorus' growing program in East San Jose, which was launched in 2011. She serves as a liaison with the evolving parent community at the East side program and advises the board on marketing, recruitment, and other facets of building Vivace's presence there.

Teresa Meyer-Calvert

Teresa is an analyst and specialist for the Parks Division of San Jose as well as a parent of Vivace singers. As a board member, she takes an active part in Vivace's day-to-day operations. Her expertise in management and public relations has served all facets of the organization.