General Info for FALL/Spring


To Join Vivace for Fall/Spring

NEW Student

To gain the full benefit of participating in a sequential learning experience, choristers are encouraged to commit to an entire year (September – June). However, singers may also join at the start of the second semester, or at the discretion of the Artistic Director. Scholarships and family discounts exist to keep the program accessible to families of all means. We look forward to having you join our Vivace Youth Chorus community.


Thank you for your interest in joining Vivace!  This is the process to join the choir:

  1. Fill out the New Student Form
  2. Pay the Registration/Assessment fee
  3. Schedule an Assessment with the office (except students ages 4-5)
  4. Register your singers for their classes
  5. Return required forms to the office
  6. Sign up for your 10 annual volunteer hours (except families of students ages 4-5)

1. Fill out the New Student Form

Please complete this form 

2. Pay Assessment Fee

Please select Registration/Assessment Fee when you click the button below.  Cost is $35 per singer or $50 per family for an assessment. 
Payment of the assessment fee is required for ages 7 and above.

3. Schedule an Assessment

If your child is 7 years of age or older, we require an individual assessment with one of our choral directors. No preparation is needed for this relaxed and friendly session. However singers interested in auditioning for the Teen Ensemble are encouraged to bring a prepared song. After completing steps 1 and 2 above, please contact the office to schedule your assessment.

This is not required for students age 4-5 entering our preschool program Rising Notes.


To apply for scholarship,
please pay the application fee and mail the completed form to the Vivace office.

Mail completed form to:
Vivace Youth Chorus
915 Meridian Ave., Suite 110
San José, CA 95126

5. Return required forms

Please print, complete, and return the following forms to the Vivace Office before the first day of classes.
One set of forms per family are needed.

Mail to:
Vivace Youth Chorus
915 Meridian Ave., Suite 110
San José, CA 95126

6. Sign up to Volunteer

Each family agrees to volunteer for at least 10 hours during the school year. If you are unable to fulfill your 10 volunteer hours during the school year, you have the option to pay a buyout fee of $100. Please either pay on our website or mail a check to our office with the words “volunteer buyout” in the memo section.

Do you have more questions about volunteering?